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Detoxification Foods

Supporting the body's natural processes to clean itself can done with foods in a tasty variety of ways.

When we learn how to clean out cell wastes, we are supporting a healthier body that has more energy, a clearer mind that can focus and remember well, and a positive mental attitude that moves us forward. It's amazing how the body can respond when given what it needs.

Vegetables are one of the top foods for supporting detoxification.

Before we totally give up at the sight of another picture of vegetables let me explain exactly what they're doing for you.

Cell poop

That's right, I said it... Let’s visualize all of our cells in there just hanging out doing their cell thing. Just like we are, they are in there breathing, eating and pooping. Every time a cell eats, when it poops, it’s an acid. This is just a particle with a minus charge. These little acids float through the blood looking for a base to combine with which is a particle with a plus charge. When they find each other, they pair up and make a neutral salt. Table salt, which is sodium chloride, is nothing more than an acid and base paired together too. So these salts float through the blood and are either filtered out by the kidneys or sweated out through the skin. Ever notice sweat tastes salty? Anyway, the kidneys have a big job here. They’re responsible for taking out all the cellular wastes minus a couple things like carbon dioxide and a little water that leave through the lungs.

Now, the blood can only carry so many acids at one time. When the blood acid levels get too high, it will begin dumping some of the acids in the joints where the blood is not flowing very smoothly. This could be the knee from an old high school injury in one person, or the wrists in someone else that has repetitive hand movements in their daily job. It’s different from person to person. When the blood acid levels fall back down, they can be moved back into the blood stream and bound up with a base to get out. But what happens if the blood acid levels never fall back down? They will keep dumping and dumping into the joints and tissues and eventually cause an inflammation. Inflammation leads to pain. Now we’re hurting. That’s a buildup of cell poop, y’all. It’s stuck in your body and can’t get out.

Certain foods can create more acids or bases as they’re broken down.

Foods that help alkalize, or add bases, to the blood:

• Vegetables! Eat those veggies, folks.

• Fruits that were picked when ripe. That’s right, even the best

organic fruits are sometimes picked green and then shipped over

long distances. It doesn’t make them bad, just more acid forming.

You can usually get ripe fruits from farmer’s markets. Also frozen

fruits are usually picked pretty ripe and then frozen quickly.

• Nuts, seeds and beans that have been soaked. For example, when

a bean falls into water it says, “Hey! We’re going to turn into a green

leafy plant! Let’s start to sprout.” This changes the chemical com

position of the bean/nut/seed, and in some cases increases the

protein content by 30%. It took me awhile to soak some of the nuts

like walnuts because I thought, “These are gonna get really funky,”

but they didn’t. They just soften. And with almonds, they pop out

of the skin really easily after they’re soaked. This is a great way to

make them easier to eat for small people and those with fewer teeth

for chewing. It’s also how you make things like almond milk.

Foods that create a lot of acid include:

(Are you ready? This is primarily the American diet…)

• Meat

• Cheese

• Eggs

• Beans that have not been soaked

• Soft Drinks

• Coffee

• Black Tea

• White Flour

… yep, some of my favorite foods. It’s been tough at times to cut back on these! But you don’t have to quit them all together. We’re seeking to get 80% of our foods from the alkaline or base category and get 20% from the acid group. This is the recommendation from Bernard Jensen the famous American Iridologist and nutrition expert. He advises 10% protein, 10% starch and 80% from 2 fruits and 6 veggies a day. Regardless of what ratio of nutrition you choose to follow, can we all at least agree to eat more vegetables?

Veggies are key to feeling great!

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